Scottish Dance Theatre teaching

I have always wanted to have some involved with Scottish Dance Theatre (SDT), Scotland’s leading contemporary dance company. Having recently relocated to Aberdeen, it feels like those in Dundee, such as SDT, are just our neighbours down the road. Therefore it has been a perfect time to collaborate.

Scottish Dance Theatre recently delivered their Early Years interactive piece, Innocence, by Fleur Darkin, to Aberdeen nurseries. The performance takes inspiration from William Blake and uses live music and sound throughout. The dancers welcome to children to join in with the performance, and there’s songs, dance and making massive, colourful trees on the floor. See the beautiful trailer here

Innocence 1

In order for the children to join in comfortably, there have been preparatory workshops in place. These get the children used to the concepts and themes explored in the work, and also all tutors, such as me, to build the exercises up in steps. This means starting with one exercise one week, and developing it as the weeks go on, into finally, the performance, where these tasks are incorporated throughout.

Innocence 3

It was a real pleasure to watch the children grow as the tasks did, and to see their engagement levels with dance, movement and music. We worked with children aged 3-5years and went into nurseries, allowing teachers to get a feel for what was to come in the performance also.

The performance allows participants to partake freely, with guidance but not strict instruction. There is definitely an element of organised play, and it was very fun to develop exercises to lead up to this.

The dancers moved so beautifully, and it was a real pleasure to watch the children mesmerised by the highly skilled dancers and musician.

‘Innocence by Fleur Darkin
A unique playroom performance, Innocence invites little ones (and their adults), to explore William Blake’s imagination and enter a realm of mystery, fun and adventure. Innocence is a magical theatrical journey led by Scottish Dance Theatre’s captivating dancers, with live music, songs, giggles and animal noises by Paul Bradley. A beautiful and engaging dance experience for young ones, their families and friends.’

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