Through Laban and Step into Dance I met the wonderful, and extremely talented Alison Golding.

She has many strings to her bow (including a Kylie world tour!!) however we connected over our shared passion for how dance can improve people’s lives.

She runs a dance science company called MovementWorks, through which I am trained to deliver their classes and activities.

‘MovementWorks exists to prove that movement matters. The programmes are designed to accelerate learning, optimising physical development whilst integrating early literacy, numeracy and enhancing global understanding’

It was so great for me to undergo the internship with MovementWorks; I had never worked in such a dance science way before. What a great approach it is and I love having so much backing in the work that is done there. Everything delivered actually is scientifically proven (I know this is kinda obvious however is very exciting for me as an artist!!).

Anyway, check out there website.

I can’t wait to bring MovementWorks to wherever I take it to!!! So much dance science fun to be had!

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