Katie Milroy choreography

I was absolutely delighted (and still am!) when Katie Milroy, previously of the prestigious KaSt Dance Company asked me to be one of five dancers in her new work, Curated Moments. Katie-Sharing-3_preview

We rehearsed at The Anatomy Rooms, Aberdeen, where we then had a sharing to present the new works-in-progress alongside fellow Aberdeen based choreographer, Eowyn Emerald.


Katie works organically, with a strong connection to music and movement intention. Choreographed movements fit to those working in the space, with creative tasks used to encourage new and exciting movement material.

The music she used is emotive, and really connects to the movements and the dancers, as well as the audience. I particularly love the fast paced, energetic piece that she used at the end. It is so refreshing to be moving fast and frantically, yet all together.


I really loved being part of Katie’s work, it was great to challenge my body in new ways, and lovely to work as part of a team, with moments of duets and trios throughout. I really loved her style of working, and also the opportunity to be a dancer in Aberdeen. Thank you Katie!


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