Kathryn Spence Dance


I dance, create, choreograph and teach. I am from the Shetland Islands and work there and across the UK.

I believe in beginning with an organic approach to the process of creation.

I strive to combine professional and outreach work in my practice. I enjoy working internationally,  looking at what movement material our different cultures provide us with, and how this can fit together to allow dance as the international language for us all.

My choreography has toured Singapore, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, London and Scotland; my passion is to use choreography to engage with all of the general public. I want to look at creating work that is relevant to everyone, and that can entice those into engaging with dance who normally wouldn’t.

My two proudest moments have been my choreography ‘Passing Through’ being performed on Sadlers Wells main stage, and being assistant choreographer for David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) music video, which has been projected behind me on his world tour. 

I have used choreography as a medium of education, having choreographed for UNICEF to create touring works that engaged with rural, Cambodian communities where illiteracy rates were high. Dance allowed a medium for messages to be spread, and a process of engagement to work towards important social changes, in this case, the implementation of human rights.

My ambition is to connect with people through dance. I wish to be a sustainable choreographer and dance ambassador (I can but try!!). I wish to use dance as a method of engagement, an intervention, a way to connect people to themselves, their bodies and to each other. We can use the arts to explore what needs to be explored, and to share this with the world around us. It is our job to question and to make our audiences question to, to arouse discussions, to inspire, to create and keep creating.


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