Glass blowing GLANCE

It was a cold Winter’s evening of heavy rain and we tootled on down to The Whiskey Bond, Glasgow, to explore and film some glass blowing and movement inspired by the space.


Siobhan has an outdoor studio there where she blows the glass. It was so mesmerising to watch, almost meditative practice. This definitely inspired movement, and I have since been using words she was saying to describe what she was doing as a score or starting point for movement.

We would love to finish with an end product that shows the meditative aspect of this, and  the process, not only the end product.

As Siobhan blew the glass I danced my hands in front of the flame, not only to keep warm but to move with the light, which was so vital in allowing the glass to mould right in front of me. I love looking at hands in dance, and have often explored gestures because of this. Learning Cambodian Sign Language definitely encouraged this fascination, as did Johnathon Burrow’s choreography, here.

We have also been playing with projection and how this can be used, with me to combine dance and glass into one. I could see this as a performance aspect. We are also hoping to have images and videos which can be shown as an exhibition, possibly alongside some glass works.


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