We wish to create a performance, or a video, or some media representing our creative process.


We are very much so in the developmental stages of the project and our ideas surrounding it. The project combines three artists from different mediums, myself from Dance, Siobhan Healy from Glass and Alycia Hendrickson from multimedia. Siobhan has been awarded International Glass Artist of the Year and has previous lectured at Harvard, and Alycia is a real wizard at all things technical, running her own multimedia business whilst also studying Interior Design at Pratt, New York. She is a real technology mastermind and has really pulled the project together. Before Alycia, myself and Siobhan wanted to combine and explore the combination of both our artforms but the starting point was hard to find.


 Glance’ is movement inspired by glass blown, and vice versa. We wish to also explore the words meaning; glance as a noun being a hurried look and as a verb as a gleam of light. We wish to create a glass object portraying gleams of light while looking at hurried looks in movement form, relating to both interpersonal relationships and how we react to the world around us.


How much can we delve into with the way we rush through things? Can we expand our knowledge and understanding by indulging in more time? What do we achieve from our daily glances? We wish to explore these questions through the process of and the performance itself.


The piece (whether this ends up being a performance, a video or glass objects) aims to expand how we see things whether this be glances at political issues or situations that arise within ourselves. It also aims to expand how the audience perceive each art in its form and its ability to collaborate. The subjects arising aim to look at whether we need to delve further into our perceptions and this relates to both arts as well as issues that will be shown throughout the performance, which will include both artists as performers and have projection of glass blowing in the background. 


We are exploring the process to make the product.




These are photos mostly from our first session, in which Siobhan could not attend. More recently we have been exploring a real balance of glass, dance and media and I hope to share these images with you all soon.

We have been exploring the actual physical blowing of glass, which to me, has been a real wonder to see. So meditative and calming and I love watching how the glass transforms. There really is so much potential for creating movement just based on this alone. It was great to see the industrial-ness of Siobhan’s studio, with her beautiful hangings and fairies out of teapots scattered around the place. It was so lovely to see tangible outcomes in a studio, something I hope to achieve from this project also by allowing media to capture the movements of the glass and dance themselves. dsc_1152

Sharing each other’s work and disciplines has been interesting, educational, transformative and occasionally eventful. I cannot wait for this project to continue so keep your eyes peeled. This is only the beginning…..

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