Roof dancing

As we were curating this years’ dance programme at Hidden Door, I didn’t apply. I saw it as a conflict of interest, and also, didn’t want to take the opportunity away from somebody else who was applying.



However, Hidden Door is all about supporting artists, and the Creative Director put us in the programme anyway. Which, we ended up being delighted about!


So we didn’t have a choice about it! We danced on the roof. It was great fun, completely improvised, scary and amazing to dance with Tess and present some work as part of the new dance programme.


The piece was performed just before Sylvan Esso on the Saturday night, on the roof of the Leith Theatre. It was amazing to be able to hear the audience beneath us, and to respond to their reactions, as well as one another.


It was filmed and live streamed on Facebook (see here ), reaching 2000 people. It was also projected to the crowd as they waited for Sylvan Esso to start.
It was great fun to play with different performance spaces, and to respond to situations happening. It really encouraged a different aspect of performance, and allowed us to really play, experiment and of course, enjoy!


Thank you so much for having us, Hidden Door!

Photos: Chris Scott

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