Perth Dance festival

I have been working for Horsecross Arts all year, teaching two primary aged street crews and an inclusive dance class, ‘Lets Dance’.

And in June, all groups were performing in Horsecross’ fantastic events; Perth Dance Festival and Perth Youth Dance Festival.


I loved making pieces with the groups. It was great to showcase what they have been learning throughout the year.

The street crews are two primary aged groups (upper and lower) and we’ve had a lot of fun this year, working on a variety of street dance styles and of course some creativity. The kids are great. They’ve taken on board so many different techniques this year, and really perfected them. So many of them go away and practice and the standard has built a lot. I loved making two wee street choreographies. Using French HipHop for one, and some music from a Poppin John video. The little ones were so cute and we put some funny sections into the piece, whereas the older group looked so mature, and delivered the choreography well. They created all of the piece. I fed them the vocabulary and set tasks and they made the whole thing up! It was just a case of piecing together what they’d done and how. They really are two talented bunches of young girls and boys.


‘Lets Dance’ are adults with physical and learning disabilities. It’s been great fun getting to know them and they really bring a fantastic quality of movement to the dance. We have so much fun, and the class is very much so helped along with support from Perth’s support company and from dancer Felicity Beveridge. We have a lovely wee community with this class.

Perth Youth Dance Festival was a celebration of local dance, and included many a local dance group, providing them opportunity to showcase work they’ve done all year. It also showcased professional works, in the form of dance films shortlisted from an international selection, and from professional company KaSt, who performed an excerpt form a bigger work. Everything fitted together really nicely, and it was a pleasure to have the Lets Dance group performing at such an occasion. I also helped call the show and was working alongside lighting and stage managers. It was great to be part of the technical team helping run the show.


Perth Youth Dance Festival showcased all of the amazing work ongoing at Horsecross Arts throughout the year. They have multiple drama classes and ‘Glee’ classes, which are singing lessons. I was incredibly impressed with these. I don’t know how they get so many children (or anyone!) to sing so beautifully. Everyone was wonderfully in tune with each other. I can’t even get in tune to singing along to the radio!


I know that the children loved the opportunity to work towards a performance, and especially on Perth Concert Hall stage, and as a teacher, it was exciting to see all the other projects ongoing at Horsecross. I’ve really loved working for them this year, and all of the classes.



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