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And the excitement (and nerves!!) has taken it’s toll on me.

It is set to be a great night, as all of the ten nights of the festival are. But for now, I’m going to focus on Thursday 1st June, 2017, when the BEST night of Hidden Door will take place (OK maybe I’m being slightly biased  – incase you hadn’t heard, we are HEADLINING that night).

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But apart from us, there’s loads of awesomeness happening. From Maud the Moth, to the one and only Grid Iron, regular sell outs at the Edinburgh Fringe, it’s set to be an eclectic night.

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The Thursday is the final chance to see Grid Iron performing their new work-in-progress South Bend and Ludens Ensembles Shakespeare-inspired Love.

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Theres also Jamie And Lewis Wardrops Glasgow V Edinburgh and Clare Marcie asking What Would Kanye Do?  a solo performance project which follows the fantasies, fears and passions of aspiring rapper Marcy as she struggles to justify her irrational love for a divisive rap star.

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Cinema for the night is provided by Africa In Motion, making it possible for Scottish audiences to engage with African stories and industry professionals from the continent.

It’s been a busy week. We’ve been transforming the Theatre; it is beginning to look amazing! I can’t wait for it to be finished. I just know that it is going to compliment all of the art and festival happenings so well. It is such a gorgeous building that deserves to be reopened to the City, and what a way to really put Leith on the creative map (or even more than it already is!). I’ve also been interviewed as one of the 3 artists that Hidden Door is going to follow throughout the festival, so they’ve filmed me attempting to help build at the theatre and some interviews too!

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And, I’ve got a few discount codes left for the night. Drop me a Facebook message or email to receive one! And keep your eyes peeled for these wee tags left all around Edinburgh. Some of them have free tickets, t-shirts and other goodies on them!


And check out the images of everyone hard at work making the Theatre a wonderful place to be, once again, from FRIDAY 26TH MAY!!!

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