Dance Base Summer Residency

What a privilege to be yet again in residence at Dance Base, on the Grassmarket in Edinburgh.


The studios are lovely, the support is plentiful, and the general energy of all that is going on there is very inspiring. It’s a real hub of activity, with many a dance class happening and many a dancer there to meet.


The residency was used to finish (for the time being) the piece I’ve been working on, ‘What we choose to see’. The title comes from the idea of us choosing what we see around us. We have been exploring boundaries and borders. I believe we choose to see some of these, and not others. There are many political happenings around boundaries and borders at current and we sometimes choose to see this, and at other times we turn a blind eye, not for want of this, but simply because we need to carry on our day to day lives, working and living in certain boundaries that are either imposed upon us or we have created ourselves, allowing us to excel in certain situations.


If we have no boundaries we may feel lost, and may create some to impose upon ourselves. I am starting to wonder if some boundaries can not only be good but also be necessary, and we have been questioning this also.


Again, I was inspired by the natural boundaries of weather and daylight. There are many to discuss, however if you wish to look at it more, please come down to Leith Theatre on 1st June, where the piece will be shared (more to follow on this next blog!).


Photos by the wonderful Chris Scott. Tickets available for Hidden Door . Dancers for Hidden Door will be myself, Gordon Raeburn and Katie Armstrong, and I’d like to thank them for the joyous creative time we had at Dance Base. Now I am excited for the performance.


We have another Residency at Citymoves, Aberdeen, which I am also super excited about, and for that we shall be welcoming Julia McGhee back to the piece in order to redevelop it for taking it to Mareel, Shetland for 21st July, following a couple of dance intensives I will be delivering there too.

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