Glasgow Film Festival

Glasgow Film festival is an annual film festival. It has been going since 2005, and in the last two years has had audience members of more than 40000. Take a look at it’s website here. 


I was delighted when I was approached to create new work as part of MOVE, a curated evening combining movement, music and of course, film.

“MOVE is taking over Glasgow’s most exciting new venue and transforming it into a cinema of attractions. Featuring two film programmes exploring travel and dance through rarely seen archive footage and feature film mash-ups to the accompaniment of live music and dancers. This is a special pop-up audio-visual experience ”


We were asked to improvise alongside SiNK, who keep improvisation at it’s core and who are rooted in diverse musical traditions. Their sound blends spontaneous inspiration with crafted composition, using the distinct voices of the accordion, violin and soprano saxophone.


It was great fun to improvise alongside musicians improvising to us. We both took inspiration from the films, projections and each other. It felt like a real conversation between music, movement and film. It felt really alive, as when we changed our movement quality, the music changed, and vice versa.

Katie Armstrong danced alongside me. She is a truly amazing dancer and I felt honoured to have her on board. Thanks Katie!!

MOVE was a sell out, and I was truly honoured to have been invited to take part.



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