Higher Dance Choreography Assessment

As you may know, I have been delivering the choreography and contemporary modules of the SQA Higher Dance Course at Eden Court.



It’s been great to working in such a structured way, and to be delivering the varying aspects of the course (contemporary, choreography). There are so many cross transferable skills as I teach a range of ages, in all stages of education, so it’s good to know what level and where Higher Dance students should be at. I have been enjoying exploring different aspects to choreography and teaching a variety of contemporary techniques. What has been the most enjoyable is seeing the students grow. Having a set class each week really allows progression. We generally work on choreography in intensive periods such as school holidays.

Therefore, we were back at work on 3rd January, preparing student’s choreographies for their assessment.


There were many varying themes, some original, and some not so, however all the students delved into them looking for movement stimulus and setting creative tasks for their dancers.


I love choreographing, so it has been a pleasure to teach general principles and advise, however most of the work is done by the student’s themselves. We just create an environment to do so, and support and guidance were necessary. I’ve also been thoroughly enjoying working for Eden Court, a real hub of arts activity for the Highlands. It’s also been great being part of a team with the Lead Dance artist there; she has delivered the course for many years so has lots of helpful tips and encouragement on getting the students not just through it, but getting them the best grades possible, which at the end of the day, is what it’s all about.

I am delighted to say that they all passed the choreography assessment in January. Now wish us luck for the contemporary one in a couple of weeks!!!


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