Dance Base Residency :)

I am delighted to be able to announce with you all that I have got a residency at Dance Base, Scotland’s hub for dance, next February.

I envisage using this residency to further explore a past idea in a different light.What we choose to see has previously explored physical boundaries, with mentoring from Frank McConnell through Choreocraft project at plan B creative. This developmental time proved valid in providing new ways to explore boundaries, that being of creating physically boundaries in the space. I had previously explored physical boundaries inspired by a trip to the North Korean border, and from looking at the Inchindown War Tanks hidden in the hill behind which I was living. I have recorded soundscape from inside these tanks, which happen to be where the world record for the longest echo was recorded and created some film which has been used in a solo ‘Tunnel Vision’, also exploring the theme of boundaries and performed at Shuffle 3, The Shed, Evanton. I would now like to expand on this media by taking personal stories from the dancers to explore what boundaries are and can be to varying people. I wish for the piece to have a more emotional backing and to offer a personal connection to the audience. Looking at dancer’s personal boundaries I wish to create spoken word alongside movement, with dancers working individually and together, connecting across borders.

Development time will allow myself exploration, and time for the very vital trial and error. I want to explore people’s personality through movement and their stories and to allow a personal connection between the dancers, the movement and to ourselves. The previously rushed exploration of the idea of boundaries and borders leant towards looking at how we may choose not to see what is right in front of us. I do still believe this is worth exploring, however on a more personal level. I wish to use the time to allow an organic structure to develop, and to make work that allows interpersonal audience connection. I believe in working organically and want time to explore and develop personal connections with dancers, creating work that stimulates emotional response, offering truth and honesty to the audience.

See previous work trailer here and here (from 52 secs)

We are currently experiencing a lot of discussion surrounding what borders and boundaries we wish to have as a country and I believe that this is incredibly relevant with my previous explorations. I now feel a need to explore this further and believe that adding personal reactions to what border and boundaries are takes it away from being so political, however feels appropriate at this time.

I really cannot wait to expand on a previous idea, and possibly change it completely. I am going to work with different dancers, and possibly the same as before (however currently the funding situation is not too favourable – although I am very grateful I got funding at all). If anyone has any interest in borders or boundaries please do get in touch.

I am hoping to set up a site where people of all walks of life, and varying professions (not just artists) can share their experience and opinions of borders and boundaries. IF anyone has any tips on this please give me a shout! I am currently searching the vastness of the internet and not yet succeeding!

If anyone is interested in any aspect of the project please do get in touch. I am very open to suggestions and excited about what possibilities lie ahead!

I will announce dancers, performers and collaborators as and when appropriate! So keep your eyes peeled 🙂

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