I love Yell. It is where my Dad is from and most of my family (a large extended family of many a wonderful cousin) still live there. Therefore, I take any opportunity to go up and see them all.


So I couldn’t believe my luck when I was asked to come to Yell and deliver a days worth of dance classes for their new festival ‘FestiYell’.

It is arranged by Unst Partnership, and a really eclectic programme was put on including sandcastle building competitions, artist discussions, craft making and of course BBQs and homebakes.


I love when Shetland communities put on events as everyone really does come together, whether it be for Pizza night in the local hall or for a craft fair.


The dance classes started at p1-3 and worked their way up to secondary. It was great to see some of the same participants as before, and I really think that there is a need and a want for dance here. I will definitely try and go up again if I can.

ShetNews did a great write up of the Festival here, have a look! Until next time, FestiYell….. and thank you so much for having me 🙂


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