I am delighted to say that I am a company dancer for Flickerr Dance Company, based in Taunton, Somerset. The company explores a blend of science and contemporary dance along with choreology, film and original music composition.


Artistic Director, Felicity Kerr has researched thoroughly (through Masters and Postgraduate Diploma) choreological practice and the effect it can have on music and dance. She creates her own music as well as choreography, allowing the two to combine, often from the same score, into individual, exciting, abstract pieces. 


‘Transliteration’ was first created by Felicity as a solo, as part of her received award of Young Choreographers South West through Pavillion Dance South West. This enabled her funding and time to work with a mentor.


I took part in a research and development week looking into how we can make this into a trio, or even possibly, how it can be constantly transforming between varying numbers of performers for different venues. We took movement from the first version of ‘Transliteration’ and also created our own, exploring the score of J.S Bach’s Fugue in minor C more.


The piece discovers how music harmony can be translated into movement harmony, creating a dual language.


We looked at choreology, studying actions, time and space. It was great to be reminded of all the different actions, which is always great for developing any choreography or movement way of thinking.

Felicity was especially interested in looking at harmonic opposition, between us dancers and between the movement and music.


It was really great to work in a way that I have not done for so long. I thoroughly enjoyed working under Felicity. Her clear vision made it very easy to create movement to her prescriptions. It pushed me to dance how i don’t always move, and looking at inorganic movement. The score itself allowed all of us to start from the same place. I loved this as all the movements came from the same place, and there was definite compatibility from dancer to dancer and what they created.


I can’t wait to see how ‘Transliterate’ develops and forms, and may have some exciting news really quite soon about a performance! Can’t wait to premiere the piece.

We also went to Lyme Regis to make a bit of a dance film, keep your eyes peeled for the trailer!



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