Dancing in the North Isles

I am in Yell, and ready to dance!


Come along tomorrow to the Leisure Centre (Mid Yell). What is great is I will have a little helper alongside me who can take the activities with her to her local dance classes she runs up here after school. And she is only 12; how determined is that?!


And on Thursday 21st I will be delivering a full day workshop for primary 6 and up as part of UnstFest. View the full timetable here. I am hoping to make a small choreography that can be shared at the UnstFest disco, or be practiced for another event. But I definitely hope to leave the participants with something that they can work on and take with them to future events. I obviously won’t be able to delve too much into technique with only one day however I hope to cover a broad range of this alongside dance activities, creative exercises and a few games too. It’ll be great to see what everyone up here comes up with.

I’m so excited to be going to Unst for the festival. It really looks like great fun every year with so much happening. I was delighted when asked to be part of it. Have a look at their website for more information.


I am so glad to be running dance classes up here. So often activities are on in the main town or island and don’t always come as far north as this, and for young children it can be a really long journey into town to attend a class. It’s also great for me to be offering a variety of classes in a variety of places while I am up in Shetland; a bit of something for everyone!

Looking forward to seeing you all there tomorrow and the next day.


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