Dance Intensive week 2

A quote from the participants of last week’s dance intensive course held by Shetland Arts was ‘it really is intensive isn’t it?’. I like it; dance intensive = intensive dancing. That is one thing that really was apparent.

The cost of the workshops was arguably quite high. What this achieved though was only the very interested attended. It also kept numbers quite low, which made it even more value for money. With 5 lasses, I felt I could correct each person individually and push them where and when they needed pushed. Being able to see what each person needed as part of the intensive dance course was something I would simply not have achieved with a lot higher numbers. 5 is also a great amount to create choreography with. I have just been managing and choreographing on a professional company of 5 so this was something that I felt extremely comfortable with. It’s a great number to choreograph with for many reasons; pairs and solos, triplets and duets. (I will also be delivering cheaper classes in Yell and Unst this week making dance accessible to all!)


There being only 5 allowed the group to really bond as well. Everyone was able to work together, help each other and had time and space to explore their own and each other’s ideas. The lasses were lovely, and I really felt that they were mature and responsible in both their dance and their mannerisms to each other. This allowed the intensive week to be like any other professional dance one. We did technique class in the morning, followed by creative time in the afternoon, with of course, a few games thrown in there for good measure. More over, the lasses were really, really, REALLY fun. And I wanted to capture their joy and excitement in the piece that we made as well as in the film we created on day 4. Have a look at it here. I need to do some work on my filming skills (apologies for the blurry bits), but we certainly had fun making it.


One thing that was really apparent was how much hard work and effort everyone put in. They learnt dance quickly and when they didn’t, they persevered. They were incredibly determined to get things right, and would often say they needed to practice again just to ensure so. On Monday the unison I had taught them was difficult for them. By Wednesday; they had it nailed! This made me so proud. I really saw such a difference in the quality of dance they were delivering from day to day, and the final piece at the Show looked amazing. They really hit every unison, and I hope they enjoyed performing it as much as I enjoyed watching it.


We played with lifts, floor work, release technique and took lots of inspiration from various music and ideas the participants came up with.
I really hope that I get chance to dance with them all again soon! More photos, and a blog on the show itself to follow…..


A massive thank you to Shetland Arts for not only putting it on but getting me up to deliver it, providing us space, time and support and for providing us BACON ROLLS on the Friday morning 🙂


I am delighted to announce that there will be workshops again 2017!

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