Speed of Life

‘Speed of life’ By RUCKUS has officially opened.

And Time Out Sydney has given it a marvellous review.


RUCKUS came to Cambodia to work with us during the research and development part of their show, discussing elements are time and speed and how these differ for all of us.


Here is a review from The Telegraph, where Alison Richardson (director) explains the show:

“It takes the audience on a journey into what it’s like to live in an urban world, where life moves very quickly, and we create and become human hurricanes amid all this chaos,” Richardson says.

“So it’s about how we create our own chaos and what we do to stop, and do we even manage to stop or do we simply succumb to the point where it overwhelms us.”


The show is selling out, and appears to be going down a storm over there. It feels very weird to be part of a show in Sydney right now as I type this up in the Highlands. I love how small the world feels sometimes.



Check their video they made about it here. 


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