Booking has opened

Marketing is out there. (click here)

Aged 11 and UP (yes all the way up, whatever you age you are!) come and dance with me!

4th – 8th July: age 15 and UP

11th – 15th July: ages 11 – 14 years

All at the very beautiful venue of Mareel, Lerwick, Shetland.


And Gordon and I are creating a duet (very excited about this) that we will take up to Shetland to showcase with the choreographies I create during the two dance intensive courses. And hopefully more Shetland dance groups will get involved too and we can really showcase all of the local talent that is up there.

I’m excited. If you need some extra inspiration listen here.

If you are looking to sign up and are under 25 please get in touch with Shetland Arts as they have two funding possibilities to help with the costs, so with a couple of forms filled out you could be attending the week long intensives for FREE!

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