David Gilmour excitement

Like Pink Floyd? Aye, me too. I love the riffs, the guitars, the ambience, and most of all, David Gilmour’s mesmerising voice.

I couldn’t believe my luck, when just before I moved out to Cambodia I got offered work being assistant choreographer on one of David Gilmour’s (lead singer of Pink Floyd) music videos for his new album.

The company owner and artistic director of MovementWorks (see blog pages) was lead choreographer on the project and wanted me to help her.

I love this video with a wee bit about his creative process. As well as him strumming and humming a bit of the song that I choreographed too!!

I don’t know how much I am actually allowed to say on the project before the album comes out on Friday (soooo excited) but it was a mesmerising project to be part of. We really looked at how we could get organic movement out of the performers, so specific to what David himself wanted.

It was amazing to be part of the casting process as well, and we were lucky enough to use Pearson Castings (http://www.pearsoncasting.com/) to help us to audition the most appropriate people. It was also very interesting to really see how sometimes you just aren’t quite right, even if you have delivered each step to absolute perfection. It really is a tough old business we’ve got ourselves into!

I love the artwork of his new albums, and his track covers.

He is currently doing a world tour of the new album and performing in places like this!!!!!

david gilmour

I also hear that he is projecting the music video that we choreographed behind him as he sings the track, which is ‘The Girl in the Yellow Dress’. This is incredible for me as think how many people are seeing our work!! With himself of front. Oh how I wish I could go and see that!! If anyone reading this does, please take a wee photo for me!

I love the song. I love the feel to it, and I absolute love the style of dancing he was looking for in the music video. I hope you share excitement of seeing it! As well as the album release on Friday 😀 I have a feeling it’s going to be listened to a lot over here in wee Kampot. The one song that I do have, and the other that was released a couple of days ago I love already. Have a look here

I had such a wonderful time working with Ali; as always I learnt so much. And more than that, we had a great time doing it! She has so much experience in this (having choreographed one of Kylie’s world tours!!!!) and it really showed.

I’ve found some articles (one from The Rolling Stones magazine!!) about his forthcoming album. Have a read if you wish

In the words of David himself about the album ‘The thought that people are listening to it around the world, and experiencing the pleasure that it’s given me is a wonderful thought’ sum up how excited I am for the video to be released. And well David, it has certainly given me a truly immense amount of pleasure already.

With all my thanks,
Kathryn xx

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