Educate Inspire Change

Since April, I have been mentoring and training Arts Team, a team of disabled dance artists from Cambodia to deliver an ‘Arts in Schools’ programme. Arts Team assist me with two of my dance classes a week where they can see how I deliver dance and we have two more planning sessions, where I support them to come up with their own dance class to deliver in a local Kampot school.

Arts Team have been delivering one dance class a week, which has been going brilliantly, and so far they have put on two different performances. The arts are not encouraged in Cambodian education (especially arts that are not traditional), however the school and it’s pupils have been incredibly receptive.

“Creative Schools Cambodia” is an ambitious new creative learning initiative that aims to change attitudes and inspire creativity amongst the next generation of Cambodians by connecting young children and disabled artists through a structured program of arts activities in schools.

Through this project, Epic Arts aim to provide weekly art and dance lessons at schools taught by disabled arts leaders. Students gain positive experiences, helping them learn to be more accepting of those with disabilities while studying an arts subject. 

I am so proud of Arts Team and all they have achieved so far; they really have come a long way and their confidence has grown immensely.

Epic Arts are currently raising money through Global Giving to expand the programme, which aims to give over 300 children in Cambodia to chance to experience dance and art and at the same time change attitudes towards disability. Take a look and wish us luck!

And check out those plees!!!

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