Thanks to KALTBLUT magazine for releasing Cold Courage’s music video, Illusory.

Myself and Gordon choreographed and danced in this piece, and I really love watching it because of the settings (we filmed in some of our favourite places around Deptford and Stoke Newington, London) and had a great time working with each other and our friend, Bo.

I really love the music too, check out the rest of his EP here

I really loved to choreograph to this music, however it would have been great to have had the luxury to see how some of it looked from the camera angle as well; as looking back there are things I would change! But we did the whole thing (including the creation, choreographing and filming) was done in 2 days, so I guess we did pretty good considering. And mostly we just had a graet time with each other, creating and collaborating and sharing our passions. Its amazing what you can do with a little bit of hard work and working together!

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