Phnom Penh

Last week I arrived in the city of Phnom Penh. Met by my new employers, Epic Arts (don’t worry more information on them coming soon – in the meantime check them out on Facebook – at the airport after 18.5 hours of travelling, I had a night to recover before the Phnom Penh activities commenced.


We met the rest of the new Epic Arts team (there’s 5 in total as well as a boyfriend, so a right wee lovely group of us), and hit the markets (nose plugs at the ready), the shops (especially the Western ones for when we miss home or need a familiar moisturiser etc – they put whitening in all the ones here) and the restaurants.

And of course the bars….

On this rooftop cocktail bar we saw a pink moon (couldn’t help but have a wee thought for Nick Drake)! I know it just looks like a tiny dot in this picture but it was pretty cool at the time.

We went to the palace, where even the floor tiles are absolutely gorgeous.

And just really a chance to explore the city a bit all together, while getting to know one another as well as starting to learn a bit about Khmer Culture.


I love all the fresh produce here, even in the cities, and feel like i can really taste it in all the food we are eating.


I can’t think of a more apt place to begin our Cambodian adventure, but was very delighted to be leaving the craziness of all the hustle and bustle, as well as extreme heat and humidity, to arrive in the riverside town of Kampot, my new home.

Wish me luck for this new Cambodian chapter, xx

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