Shuffle 3

Shuffle 3 was held at plan B Shedquaters where the space was transformed into a stage/drinking area/changing room. It was great to have the space (which often I can find a bit daunting being there by myself 7 hours a day) transformed in such a way and you could feel the excitement from all the performers.

There was a real eclectic mix of performances from slapstick comedy to music (traditional and contemporary) including sculptures and knock-on-effect art experiments.

Michael Popper performed small intersections between pieces, allowing them to connect, into a knock-on-effect type production as fitting into the theme of the evening.

There was a music video from The Hazey Janes, finishing with a live performance from the two dancers in the video.

Helen Denerley brought sculptures to life using projection; projection was used throughout thanks to John McGeoch from Arts in Motion.

All in all, it was a very varied evening with a real mix of art forms and performers/performances. It was very fun to be able to collaborate with such a mix of artists as well as getting to be part of the planning and admin behind the scenes. I really believe this will be great experience for when I decide to put on my own show one day! I also enjoyed being able to see the other pieces, and as always being able to pick up what I liked and disliked from each different piece to influence my own work.


Feedback (copied from Facebook) states

“Wonderful evening of eclectic entertainment” and “Another great success”. 

Shuffle Rewind (a collection of performances from young people, curated by young people) will be on Saturday 28th March.

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