Shuffle programme

I realised that I have been updating about what I have been up to in regards to Shuffle number 3, but not what other, wonderful acts there are going to be here, and that just would not do.

So here we go……

We have Christine Devaney ( performing with composer/singer/pianist David Paul Jones. David Paul Jones will also be performing solo (

Michael Popper and Judith Williams ( are performing a piece that was created during fast+Dirty here at the Shed with Ian Spink last October as well as some other pieces of their own. I just heard Jude’s soundcheck and it was rather beautiful, for a wee sneaky preview listen here            

Helen Denerley ( created some sculptures which are becoming performance pieces as well as wonderful decoration to really set the scene here at the shed. 

Marion Nomad, Angus Dunn, Tim Flood and Sven Skatun are doing a piece ‘Will it’, which I have yet to discover will be like, but I saw Angus performing at Belladrum this year and it was chillingly good, so this is sure to be great.

f+D 4 copySera Irvine has  been drawing chairs ( which myself and Eric will be incorporating into a piece thanks to John McGeoch, who of course is creating lots of projections for the whole show which is curated by him and Frank McConnell (artistic director of plan B). Its set to be a great night and preparations are in full swing here!

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