Shuffle excitement!

Shuffle photo 4

So the week for Shuffle number 3 is here, and it’s been a rather busy one! Not just because of the set-up of the Shed (taking it from a studio to a performance space) but also the actual putting together of pieces, finishing touches and for John McGeoch ( and I, some filming in rather cold (bloody freezing!) temperatures.

Shuffle photos 2 Shuffle photos 5These films will allow us to have a piece using projection and live dancing.

Shuffle photos 1I am really looking forward to playing with the screen and cannot wait to be dancing to John playing his Dalcimer (string instrument). We shall both be improvising, bouncing off each others improvisation.

The story is that I am a girl from a tribe and I am not allowed to dance, so I go to the water and the pools are where I am allowed the freedom to do as I wish; where all my dancing and movements can be free.

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