Office animation – first foot forward for dance accessibility?

How can you make a dance company’s office more dance orientated? I know, put a moving image of yourself across the blinds!!

Great inspiration for automatically changing a space into a dance venue. It also allows people who do not normally view dance (not necessarily the administration staff at our office who have danced forced upon them whether they like it or not) to be in an interactive dance producing space. They become automatically involved and perceptive; not necessarily engaged but I reckon this could always be good stimulation. Bringing dance to those who don’t normally see it, in their space, in their timeframe, and most importantly in their comfort zone.

An idea for future installations? My mind is going wild with inspirations of public places where dance projections could simply be shown. Hopefully engaging the odd member of the general public but if not, at least making dance accessible and part of every day life.

Anyway this was a first attempt of filming me improvising at the local disused RAF airstrip. No practice, no rehearsal, just an idea, 5 minutes and a projector. All done in a tea break!

2 thoughts on “Office animation – first foot forward for dance accessibility?

  1. Movies like this would be so cool projected up onto a building! A cool way of labelling buildings for what activities happen inside them. Thanks for sharing!


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