Using a score

dancers: Julie Chilvers, Lucy Boyes, Gabriella Sanchez and Kathryn Spence

To be honest with you, I have no idea where to begin where talking about fast+Dirty is concerned. So I have decided to look at a specific task. We were given 1 or 2 creative tasks a day, in which we were to come up with an idea to share with the group regarding the set criteria. This meant many a work-in-progress sharing of ideas, but many dances/art/theatre pieces that came out of this looked pretty polished for the short amount of time we had to spend on it (often as little as 1.5 hours!). It really is amazing what can be encouraged with a little time pressure!

chair score

These photos here demonstrate our reactions to a musical score that had been created the day before. The score had been depicted based on white card which had markings and holes on it and had originally been a continuous flute piece. We took the score and created our own set of instructions; movement inspired by what we saw in front of us. A very difficult exercise, and lots of frustrations ran high, however we finally combined our efforts into a site specific piece of filming.


The colours of the industrial estate (where the dance studio and host of fast+Dirty is located) are really inspiring. The noise, the colours, the situation are all very stark and dramatic, and provided a prefect harsh environment for filming our score; a real contrast to the subtle and soothing flute playing in it’s original form.


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