fast + Dirty

fast + Dirty is a multidisciplinary workshop/retreat developed by Ian Spink in 1983 (wow its 6 years older than me!). He has since delivered over 20 workshops with professional artists from around the world, and starting tomorrow he is leading his next one at The Shed (the dance studio of plan B – the company I am working for).

Each workshop differs and Spink works towards the needs of the carefully selected participants, however each workshop has the same goal; to create an environment to inspire and challenge artists to make new work.

It’s about breaking routine, pushing the boundaries and questioning why we are creating what we are; as well as the opportunity to collaborate and experiment with other artist’s creative process.


I am really excited to be working with a range of multi-disciplinary artists and some really brilliant and inspirational dancers. I am also nervous for the critiquing of the sharings of what we have created at the end of each day. However I do know how vital critical feedback can be to a piece, and hopefully I will learn how to really implement this into the dance choreographing process. 

Pitcalzean House

Most of the participants (including myself) are staying in Pitcalzean House, Nigg, and due to a range of dietary requirements there will be a vegan menu. So not only will I keep you updated on the creative process, but I am also very intrigued as to what effect being vegan for 10 days will have on my body! We will also have Pilates every morning, so hopefully my vegan-pilates-dance-multidisciplinary arts retreat will do me some good!

I am looking forward to the results, and to push myself creatively. I’ll keep you updated! xx

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